The Daddy of Them All

Released: 04 November 1997

Label: Factory Too / Interscope

Track Listing:

1. Acid House Killed Rock and Roll
2. Blowing Down the Stylus
3. Sugar Cane
4. Inside My Soul
5. Ready For the Rampage
6. Dear Dhinus
7. Smile America
8. Let It Shine
9. We Are the Supercool
10. Sweetest Dream
11. March of the Scarecrows

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Escape from the 20th Century

Released: 11 December 2013

Label: Space Monkeys

Track Listing:

1. Brave New World
2. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?
3. Dark Star
4. The Great Space Race
5. Maniac
6. California
7. Space Invaders
8. Subterfuge
9. Speeding In the Chillout Room
10.Sound of Music
11.All the March Hares
13.The Ark

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Sugar Cane

Album: The Daddy Of Them All

Director: David Lachapelle

Released: 1997

Label: Factory Too / Interscope

Acid House Killed Rock and Roll

Album: The Daddy Of Them All

Director: Ben Warburton

Released: 1997

Label: Factory Too